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vortex 150

  1. J

    Help! Vortex 150 single motor reversion

    Hi, I've been keeping my poor Vortex 150 (FT edition) in its box for over a year because at some point it stopped flying properly. It DID fly correctly and I DID NOT re solder the motor. Today after testing the motors I realized that the problem was that the front-left motor was the only one...
  2. M

    Newbie, scared of my versacopter...

    Hi everybody. So I have been watching FliteTest for a few years now, it's what got me into flight. I don't know anyone else in the hobby, so it would be cool to be able to connect with people online. I started with a sport cub, and then an inductrix. I got so excited with the tiny quad, I...
  3. D

    Trying to "tame" a Vortex 150

    I'm moderately new to the hobby and recently bought a Vortex 150 from Flite Test. As usual, the order was quickly filled. Binding to a Spektrum DX6i was no problem, but the quad is almost too much for me to handle in the horizontal mode. With the ailerons and elevator I've dialed down the...
  4. V

    Vortex 150 Arming Switch

    Just got the vortex 150 and maddened it tonight. With the 4 cell it was too much for me in a gym. My other quads I arm with a switch on the transmitter and I prefer that to move the throttle to bottom left or bottom right for arming or disarming. How do I change this? If i have to do this via...
  5. V

    Vortex 150 jr9303 DSMX-Quad-Receiver-Diversity

    I just purchased the vortex 150, looks awesome, and the DSMX-quad-receiver-diversity and when I try to set up the quad I cannot get past the first menu in the wizard. The receiver binds to the jr 9303 radio. The receiver LED is a solid yellow but the vortex wizard shows that it cannot find the...
  6. D

    Vortex 150 gone to the dark side

    I think I found a hidden menu on my vortex 150 https://youtu.be/ARGoDidW5Xg
  7. A

    Quick tip... Getting Vortex 150 properly setup w/ Graupner MZ-12/KDS Kylin goggles

    Recently purchased a Vortex 150 KDS Kylin goggles. I'm not entirely certain it's binding properly to my Tx. But it does show up on the OSD in the goggles, telling me to Center all controls. I cannot get it past this point no matter what I do. When i changed out the plugs, I did plug the V150...