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Quick Tip: Prop types, differences and mounting


Junior Member
In one episode you explained what 8x4 means, but still there are many different propeller types out there (APC, GWS, ...) the beginner can't tell the difference.

Currently I'm building the Old Fogey. The motor has a prop saver but the GWS prop doesn't fit. The APC needs another mount.

My suggestion is a Quick Tip episode. It may cover following topics:

- different diameters of motor shafts and propeller holes
- propeller types: APC, GWS, ... (GWS seems very 'floppy', does it work for the Old Fogey?)
- different prop mounts
- what to do if the prop doesn't fit on the mount (can I drill a bigger hole in the prop - I guess not :)

- choosing the right prop for the motor/plane
I guess that needs another full episode.