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Quorneng S**L scratch build thread


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STOL Contest page is here...


Why S**L?
Because I don't to take-offs so its just S for short landing! :D

This is entirely experimental with a low chance of success. ;)
4 motors, counter rotating props, massive double section flaps, drooping ailerons and all made of Depron.
The 30" wing under construction with 5 servos (2 aileron 3 flaps).
With the motors and ESCs in the wing there is a lot of wiring.
It is real spaghetti by the time it gets to the centre.
Front and rear views of the completed plane.
Big wing end plates fitted.
It weighs just under 16oz ready to go with 24oz thrust.
Its one and only flight with just a few degrees of flap set.
The wreckage!
Rebuilt with just two motors.
Painted yellow it did make several flights but still very poor control with full flap. The wreckage!
Motors and electronics salvaged, airframe scrapped!

2 of the motors used in a push/pull configuration on a new fuselage and using an existing 40" flapped wing made of Depron
And this actually works!
And you can't get a landing much shorter than that. ;)

Without a take off it can't really be part of the STOL challenge. :(
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Colorex suggested I put wheels on it.
So 'Alsaka' wheels and it is a fully fledged STOL! ;)
Very simple just a glass fibre tube axle and lightweight 2[SUP]1[/SUP]/[SUB]4[/SUB]" foam wheels.

Hopefully I will be able to video how it performs tomorrow.


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Colorex suggested I put wheels on it.
So 'Alsaka' wheels and it is a fully fledged STOL! ;)

Very simple just a glass fibre tube axle and lightweight 2[SUP]1[/SUP]/[SUB]4[/SUB]" foam wheels.

Hopefully I will be able to video how it performs tomorrow.
Awesome, now I'm happy! I think it'll be able to take off pretty nicely now!


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And he sticks the landing!

Quorneng, loved seeing them both, but the push/pull looks like a beauty to fly! Can't wait to see it leap off the ground!


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Just my first attempt - well actually the best out of half a dozen! ;)
Strictly not quite correct as its a SLOT (Short Landing and Take-off)
The relatively rough grass helps on landing but makes the take off difficult. At full power and full flap there is insufficient airflow over the elevator to counter the strong nose down pitch both from the high thrust line and the drag from the wheels on the grass so it tends to nose over.

It works ok at half flap, 3/4 power and full up elevator but you have to be pretty quick to stop it doing a half loop!

It heeds a bit more trial and error practise to work out exactly how to do it smoothly.

I hope the final video will be a proper 'spot' take off and landing.

Do you get extra 'brownie points' for aerobatics the flaps fully up? :cool:


Rotor Riot!
Cool, really short landing! But don't you have a paved runway to take off from? Like a road or some cleared land? That would help on the takeoff...


André-The dude just took off in about 3 plane lengths from clumpy grass! No self-respecting bush plane needs a real runway!

quorneng - That is fantastic! I love the builds you've posted here and on wattflyer. Congrats!!!
I actually damaged the under carriage this morning so now structurally improved to spread the load and also moved forward by 5mm.
Had another go in the afternoon - getting a bit better at it. ;)
I need to increase the elevator throw to keep the tail down which will allow more power and flap for an even shorter take off. The down side is it is already very sensitive in pitch! :eek:

Rolls and loops well enough but I don't think the flap linkage is robust enough for inverted flight.

When landing on a proper hard surface I shall have to organise that wheel brakes come on when full flap is applied.
If that really is the end I am a bit embarrassed as I only put wheels on something I already had which itself was the end product of quite a long line of development.
It almost feels like a bit of a cheat.
My apologies to all those who played the game properly!
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No worries, while I am the dictator, I am kidding about ending the contest early.

There will still be a voting thread sometime around July 1st.



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If I can feel like I'm not cheating, neither should you . . . especially with that simply awesome plane! You've set the bar high for everyone else!
The next modification is to increase the elevator travel to keep the tail down on take off and some long travel shock absorbing undercarriage and then......:rolleyes:
STOL flying is no without its dangers.
Yesterday I decided to fly from a small gravel car park with bumps, hollows and loose pebbles that would equate to small rocks in full size.
No great problem on take off.
The approach was rather limited by some big trees and just a bit too slow, wing drop and headed for trees.
I probably would have done better to let it crash into the trees as they are in full leaf and it was only about 20' up but I tried to recover. Even more dramatic wing drop the other way and in almost vertical.
Severely crushed fuselage, wing pylon disrupted, tail boom ripped out, wing tip dislodged.

However now well on the way to being fixed.