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Racer power pod questions

I have built the racer and it’s power pod. I am having difficulty see how to mount the pod in the racer. First does the battery go in the pod or under it? Second how do you get the pod in and out of the fuselage to change batteries, Re-bind the radio, etc? I see marks high on the back of the fuselage and pod to insert a stick through to hold the back of the pod in place. Do I have to pull that in and out to remove the pod? The build video shows the builder placing one or two sticks in the front of the plane and back through the pod to hold it in place. I see no place in the fuselage to push the sticks into. In general I don’t see how to hold the pod in place. I see lots of videos on how to build the power pod but none on how to mount it into the plane and remove it when needed. Help!
After thinking about it, I see that the two rods that go in the front are supposed to go into the thin single layer of foam at the top of the fuselage. I think this foam is too thin for the size of the bbq rods so I glued a small rectangle piece of foam to the top and bottom of the existing foam to give it a little more thickness of foam into which I can push the rods. This will give the front of the pod a little more sideways holding strength while the rod in the back will hold the pod tightly in place front to back.