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Not sure if this is the correct place to post this so if it needs to go somewhere else please jump / move / redirect etc.
I recently inquired about a skin offering from "rasterize". I just want to take a moment to say what a class act he is. He answered my questions, gave me feedback on my order, sent me photos of his maiden of the aircraft in question and followed up with delivery info without being asked!
It just proves once again that the folks associated with Flite Test are still about the flight community. Refreshing in today's market.


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My experience mirrors yours quite closely. His responses to emails show an intense interest beyond just selling his skins. His work is very detailed and if you have had full size prints done by a printshop, then there is no question that the value of his product is a bargain. Considering this is a "sideline" for him and the amount of time utilized it really can't be beat.
I just cringe at the thought that he will eventually value his time expended and raise his prices - at which point I would still purchase from him. The only downside is that after taking the time to install the skins, the planes look too good to fly with my febble abilities as pilot.
I am just a pleased customer, can you tell?


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which one did you get?

i maidened both his P-40 and his new Spitfire for him. both are awesome looking airplanes.

Stephen is a good guy and one of my partners in crime. glad to hear people are happy with his work. :cool:


me :cool:


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has he posted the pics and video yet? i will have to go and check?

also, if you want to "tag" a person in a thread, use the "@" sign and their forum name.

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this will let them know that they have been mentioned.

good luck with the skins!


me :cool:


Maker of skins and decals for foam board RC planes
Thanks for the kind words guys. Taking foam board RC planes to the next level of enjoyment by designing and applying skins is something I really love sharing with the community. The 24" wide printer has made that so much easier in both being able to design and apply skins as well as provide a printing service at a reasonable price.
If you have any questions or comments you can find me here, on the Flite Test Fans Facebook group or just email me at fliteskins@gmail.com

Thanks again for all your support!
PS: the Spitfire maiden can be found here: