RC Explorer/David Windestål Tricopter V2.5 Unbuilt


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For Sale - RC Explorer/David Windestål Tricopter V2.5 Unbuilt

This was an RC Explorer/David Windestål Tricopter V2.5 that never got built.

All parts were sourced as recommended by David, according to the build tutorial here:

All parts are NIP, with a couple opened for inspection only upon receipt.

Included is the following:
2 x Genuine RCE CNC Cut Tricopter V2.5 Plates
1 x HK Multi-Rotor Control Board V2.1 (Atmega168PA)
3 x KK2.0 Board w/Sonar Upgrade
4 x DT750 750kV Motors
4 x TURNIGY Plush 18amp Speed Controllers
1 x BMS-385DMAX Digital Servo (Metal Gear)
3 x Packs GWS 11x4.7 propellers (15 total)
3 x Packs Front wheel steering mounts (15 total)
1 x Huge Roll 25mm Transparent heatshrink
1 x Huge Roll 4mm heatshrink
4 x Packs Male to male servo cables (40 total)
1 x Pack M3 Hex screws.
1 x Pack M3 lock nuts
1 x Pack Scorpion Battery straps (3 total)
1 x Pack 42cm servo extension (5 total)
2 x Packs 3.5 bullet connectors (20 pairs total)
1 x Turnigy ESC Programming card

Common materials not included, and required for completion:
3 x Booms (Wood, Carbon, your choice)
4 mm carbon fiber rod
40+ of 2.5mm zip-ties
3 mm thick plywood
8 mm silicone tubing
Blue locktite
CA glue

This kit will certainly appeal to the dedicated DIYer looking for a bargain, or the hardcore Flite Test/DW Fan looking for some nostalgia.

See this link for info regarding KK2 setup.
And see this link for info on HK Control Board 2.1 setup.

$110 shipped in US. PP only please.


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Howdy. I'm working on my tricopter. It's flown. I do have a build thread. Right now I have some tweaks but I'm pleased I'm doing it. I'm looking forward to your build.

Another common thing. I lived in Hawaii, K-Bay, '99 to '02. I wasn't flying then but wow to FPV in Hawaii. Oh the sights to be seen up close, Pali Lookout, Stairway to Heaven, Just the windward side around the H3 area after a good rain wood be tremendous.

What else have you flown?


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Hey Jim;

Not building this guy, selling it. Never got around to the build.

Hawaii. Yes. In fact have recently moved to WA, need to update my profile.

I fly mostly fixed wing FPV - floaty high wings, ripping Ritewings - a little bit of multi-rotor when I need to get an artistic AP fix. But yeah, flying FPV out there, pardon my language, is the bees knees. Can be a little crowded in Oahu, but man are there some good spots to fly. Never got to Pali lookout, though I dreamed. The mountains called me more so than the beaches - Waimanalo, Waianae Valley, Pali reservoirs, Koko Head, Kualoa (not the ranch). Many planned but not executed flights as wel. One day I'll return.
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With the WA comment I was starting to guess you might have also been a VP vet. I left there in '02 from U-2


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Right On jim. I spent my time there at KBay flying with the Wizards as well, though my office was across the street from the hangar.


Winter is coming
I had a friend who was stationed at Schofield barracks and kept saying I should come visit and I could sleep on his floor (he was Jr commissioned) when I was enlisted. Never took him up on it, sadly, because I was too much of a rule following "no fraternization" type and still am to some point. He's now a full bird looking to retire and I'm ... a civie who left after 8 years. Eh, no regrets. I hope you'll get those extra bits sold off. I just finished my V3/V4 tricopter build. It flies great, but looking forward to testing out new software on it.


Got Lobstah?
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Right On jim. I spent my time there at KBay flying with the Wizards as well, though my office was across the street from the hangar.
Gotcha. We likely know and maybe have flown with some of the same people if they stuck around or rotated through again. After there I came to Maine to be an Old Buzzard doing the same thing without having to be a trainee all over again. Then a tour at SERE and I retired. And out here at a nearby flying field I ran into another I had done a few det's with while in the squadron.

I've been to Whidbey a few times passing through and once to recruit talent. I'd say it's greener than Maine which tends to be white alot of the year.

I imagine you probably keep fairly busy and seeing you at a Flite Fest isn't very likely in the near future.