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RC Flight Logs and RC Maintenance Logs

RC Flight Logs & RC Maintenance Logs


I would like to announce the release of 3 editions of RC Logbooks that are now on the market. We sell Flight Logs & Maintenance Logs. We are a family owned and operated business. After flying remote control aircraft for many years, I started wondering how many flight hours I had in the air. I also have always been curious how many flights I had on each of the many aircraft in my hanger. After many hours of design, I had the perfect set of logbooks that were extremely useful. Our logbooks are made right here in the USA and are very nice quality. We know you will love our products, that is why we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. You can buy these logbooks on Ebay and Amazon for your convenience or www.rclogbooks.com for a quick link to the amazon listings.

Please see below for a short description of each logbook along with sample pictures from each logbook.

Flight Log Classic: This is our basic flight log book. It lets you log all of your flights by date using flight #, Aircraft that you used, Location, Flight Duration, and a notes section for anything specific that you might want to log such as a FPV flight, or maybe write down Maiden Flight if its your first flight on a specific aircraft, or perhaps write Crash if you loose control and toothpick your plane into the ground.


Flight Log Deluxe: The deluxe edition is the same as the Flight Log Classic above, but also adds 3 additional sections. It has a maintenance log section to record all of the maintenance you do on your plane whether you had to repair a wing, or replace a servo, its great to have it written down so you always have it handy if you are trying to "remember" when you did certain maintenance. The third section is an Aircraft Index which keeps track of all of your aircraft, with the date you purchased, where you bought it and for how much, and whether you have retired the aircraft. The fourth section is a Battery Index. The same as the aircraft index, but it allows you to keep up with how old (or how new) your batteries are.

Flight-Log-Cover-Flight-Log-Deluxe.jpg Writing-RCFL-DE-Flight-Log.jpg Writing-RCFL-DE-Maint-Log.jpg Writing-RCFL-DE-Aircraft-Index.jpg Writing-RCFL-DE-Battery-Index.jpg

Maintenance Log: This is the same maintenance log that is in our Flight Log Deluxe Logbook. So if you want to keep track of your flights AND your maintenance, then you'd want to buy the Deluxe edition. If you just care about keeping track of the maintenance whether it be that you had to replace a prop, or repair a broken retractable landing gear, this book lets you log it so you dont have to "remember" when you last did maintenance on it. You can simply just look back in the book to see when you made the repairs.

Flight-Log-Cover-Maintenance-Log.jpg Writing-RCML-Maint-Log.jpg
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Im all yakkity in my logs. I do date, conditions, description of what I did, any mods or repairs as well as track battery charging showing starting cell voltage and ending total MAH, thoughts for future changes. Only been flying since September and have 32 pages in a note book.

It does look nice for experienced pilots for just flight tracking though.


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These are great for both the hobby pilot who loves to keep track of things, and any Part 107 commercial pilot who needs to maintain their FAA mandated maintenance and flight logs.
UPDATE: You can now buy these on both Amazon and Ebay. Our most popular logbook is the Flight Log Deluxe Edition. Go to www.rclogbooks.com which will take you directly to our listings on Amazon.
We will be discontinuing the maintenance log after inventory runs out. Our two best sellers are the Classic and Deluxe editions and we will continue selling those for the next few years.