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Rc Paper Airplane

hey, guys, I built an RC paper airplane I did a couple of tests and discovered that it wanted to go upside down so I inverted controls and flew but as soon as I try to flip it spins out of control does anyone know how to fix this

Note: This is only my second plane and has only flown the ft tiny trainer just wanted to see if I could make something basic fly. I also have a video but can't figure out how to attach to the forum so just email me at markusvandenhoek04@gmail.com for the videos


4s mini mustang
First off, welcome to the forums @Gold Max. But now I have a few questions, what kind of a spin was the plane in, ie. what axis was it spinning around. Also, when the plane wanted to flip inverted, was it because of inverted controls?


4s mini mustang
I watched the video and it looks like there is too much weight on top of the plane. You could try to put some of the electronics on the bottom, though, by making a little pod. You could also try to fly the plane upside down because it would actually be fairly stable like that.
ok thanks, I did quite a few glide tests and I think the CG is good but it could be to much weight at the top but the battery has to be almost at the nose for the CG to be correct so I can't move it much down but can move it about half an inch