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RC Product Showcase - October 2012


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Thanks to viewers like you, who have been contacting manufacturers and distributors, we've got some great new products in the mail! We'll be featuring these products in the near future but in the meantime we wanted to share some of the new arrivals!

showcase - 2.jpg

RC Logger sent us the RC Eye One, this multi rotor is designed for indoor and outdoor flight. It comes with everything you need to fly. This self-stabilizing, 4-rotor RC copter is fun for beginners as well as experienced pilots.

showcase - 1.jpg

Micro Aces sent us some great 1/24 scale RC kits. These lightweight, micro RC kits are made from Depron.

showcase - 3.jpg showcase - 4.jpg

The kits include an Rx Clip System and quick release rudder and elevator control rods that allow you to pop and swap your receiver brick even in the field so you can share the electronics between planes.
(Please note the receiver is not included in Microaces kits)

showcase - 5.jpg

Thanks to Horizon Hobby, who sent us a box of RC components! They sent out the Spektrum Receiver that you'll need for your Micro Aces RC Flyer.

showcase - 7.jpg showcase - 6.jpg

Hobbico sent out the Flyzone DHC-2 Beaver! The Beaver offers a quick and easy assembly, with no gluing, and AeroCell foam construction offers plenty of surface detail complemented by working LED lights, a replicaradial engine and more. The Beaver includes floats, as well as conventional landing gear.

showcase - 8.jpg

We wanted to also mention that the Dollar Tree Foamboard we use when building our scratch builds is made by a company named ADAMS - RL Adams Plastics, Inc.

showcase - 9.jpg

The foamboard is lightweight and the paper coating is thin and strong making it great for sturdy and lightweight scratch built planes! And best of all… it's cheap!

Stay tuned for detailed reviews on these products and thanks again to:

Micro Aces

RC Logger

Horizon Hobby



ADAMS - RL Adams Plastics, Inc.


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I would love to see these builds and reviews. We need flitetest from Australia. Showing local found supplies of foam board.

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I have had significant experience with Flyzone planes similar to the Beaver, if you plan on flying the beaver a lot, watch the motor bearings. 1 in 3 tend to seize within 1 hour of hard flight. Not saying that this one will, but I had a mid air lipo explosion as a result of a seized Flyzone motor. They are great planes, but watch those motors.
I'm not hating Flyzone, I flew and helped repair almost 40 Flyzone Sensei at an R.C. flight academy, and I loved them, but, the bearings seized a lot!
Foam Addict.
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I contacted RL Adams as soon as I watched this video, and they responded today, this is what they said. (They spelled Flite wrong)...

Good morning, and thank you for your inquiry. We appreciate Flight Test’s continued support of RL Adams Plastics and our Readi-Board products. Over the past few years we have seen the hobby/RC market increase substantially, and we are glad they like our product. We have noticed so much so that we have partnered with Model Plane Foam to create a specialty product geared towards the RC hobbyist. Please visit http://www.modelplanefoam.com/ for more information regarding the product and it’s availability. Unfortunately, we are not interested in a sponsorship opportunity at this point. Thanks again and happy flying!

Please pass this message along to the appropriate audience at Flight Test.


R.L. Adams Plastics, Inc.
5955 Crossroads Commerce
Wyoming, MI 49519
Tel: 616-261-4400
Fax: 616-249-8955

It is kind of vague about if they will sponsor you, but at least they got back to me!!! Thanks for everything you guys do for the hobby.


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umm, is it just me or does taking the paper off sort of ruin the greatness of Readi-board? The paper makes it very strong and allows the foam to be bent when one side is removed. I think I will stick with the boards from the Dollar Tree.