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Rcbif's Kitfox Model 5 Build

I’ve been watching Kitfox sales for the past four years hoping to score a used model IV with Rotax 912. This goal started off maybe a bit optimistic considering when I first started looking I didn’t even have my ASEL (was private glider only), but recently with earning my ASEL last October, and tailwheel within the past few months, my goal was becoming more realistic.

Then last weekend I got a text from an acquaintance wanting to know if I wanted to purchase his Kitfox Series 5 Outback kit. I had originally met this person a year earlier with some internet sleuthing when I was looking for someone nearby with a Kitfox to see in person. He was not planning on selling it then, and I never did go see it, but we talked on and off about our shared interest of soaring – mainly me trying to rope him into the glider club I’m in.

So he offered me a deal that would be hard to say no to, and I went to go check it out. He gave me all of his build docs to look over, which I spent a few days reviewing before a final inspection and closing the deal. My only issue making this come true was space, but I owe one of my aviation friends a bunch, as he helped set me up with a friend who is now sub-leasing his hangar to me. Transport was also made a heck of a lot easier with another aviation friend who had a box trailer and truck, saving me from messing with using a company box truck.

This past Saturday, the Fuselage was moved in one trip, and the wings and rest in the second. After unpacking, I spend the next 6 hours sweeping, moving stuff, and mopping the hangar, finishing 10:00 at night exhausted. Sunday and Labor Day was spend cleaning the shop a bit more, and organizing my shelving unit, and going thru bins of parts labeling them.

First step of the build will be going step by step and checking/signing off in the build manual on what has already been completed. I will be attending my first EAA chapter meeting this week which is conveniently only a few hangars down.
Oh, one last interesting bit – the seller and original owner is an ex U-2 and Blackbird pilot. Found a few pics of him suited up that will be the start of the photo build log.


Finally done going over all the stuff that has been done, and spent the weekend making wing holders for wing rigging, making leveling blocks for the front, a tail support for the rear, remarking where the lift struts attach, and taking off the landing gear. Also made the temporary supports to attach the lift struts to the wings.

I have the stock model V lifts struts, and the aftermarket aero ones. I was going to use the stock ones for rigging since they are lighter, but noticed the aero ones are 1/4" shorter. Because of this difference, I decided I should probably rig with what will be on there, so I wrapped up the aero struts on foam to protect them during the rigging process.

Just some quick phone pics. My actual builds pics are on my camera at the hangar, and are mostly of me making sawdust for the past 2 days.

Sure makes the RV look small and hangar shrunk with the wings outstretched.