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Re-attaching pushrods to servos on the control board

Did I ask that right? The connection of the pushrod that sometimes comes out from either the circuit board area, or near the control horn? What is the best way to re-attach these so that they are solid and will not come undone easily? Duct tape? heat shrink tube? JB Weld? Solder? All or some combination thereof? I used JB Weld/ JB Quik on a smaller plane and it worked fine but, on my larger Stratocam I`m wondering if I need a stronger type of fix to insure I don`t lose control of the rudder or elevator due to shoddy re-attachment methods. Any `best fix` solutions for this problem? Thanks in advance of any help.


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In a case like this, a picture is worth a thousand words . . . Also helps to mention up front which airframe you're having trouble with. The Stratocam reference is at least a good place to start (I think that is the plane you're working on).

Quick look at Horizon's site pulled up this for the pushrod set -- http://www.horizonhobby.com/pushrod-set%3A-stratocam-p-hbz8509

With this style of pushrod, the rod and the Z-bends/Clevis are separate pieces that are held together with a bit of heat-shrink tubing. This lets you use lighter materials for the rod, like Carbon fiber, then bendable and adjustable materials for making the links themselves.

Assuming your horns aren't broken, the most common failure in these linkages is the heat-shrink loosing it's grab and slipping on one or both of the parts it's holding onto. This is not a bad thing -- I'd rather have the heat-shrink let loose on a crash than strip a servo or shatter a carbon control rod.

The repair is simple (and won't let loose in the air):

- if the heat shrink is torn, replace and reshrink
- center the servo and control surface (on some linkages you must do this as you re-shrink)
- add a drop of CA to each end of the heatshrink
- let it dry or spritz some kicker and you're good to go.

Thin-to-medium CA is recommended so it can wick into the joint.