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Real Grim Reaper


Hostage Taker of Quads
~1:50 into the video you hear the buzzing of a multirotor.
yeah, but don't see a downdraft of a multi on either the ground or in the fabric. I wonder if it was suspended it from one?

At HHAEFI one of the combat sessions involved a green inflatable ailien as a target. They held it up with a multi-rotor on what looked like 25' of cord. It worked surprisingly well, and it took a minute or two to realize how they were keeping it up.
It is being suspended. If you watch the video in HD you can see where the filament is attached at the head.
At the 1:39 mark you can hear the sound of a multirotor. Id guess the reaper was easily 10-15 feet below the copter. At that distance and with the whole thing moving forward you may not get much noticeable downdraft on the swinging reaper.