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Realflight G6.5 vs Phoenix 4


Senior Member
They are both good as flight simulators. But each has other features that set them apart. What all do you want to be able to do?
I fly airplanes and quads right now, I was looking at learning 3D flying on planes. I am kinda looking at Phoenix for the dx5e as buddy box radio or if I ever get some bnf models. I did RF has the FT3D model for download. Do you know if Phoenix has any Flitetest planes?


Builder Extraordinare
RF 7 is soon to be released and can come with a Tactic Tx. Been using RF for years and love all the custom content for FREE on the swap pages. Literally THOUSANDS of models to download for free. Can even make your own if you feel so inclined.
I believe real flight 7 is out. I'm going to be upgrading from 6.5..

I love real flight and its super easy to import custom models and scenery, I just wish some one you design a decent tricopter.