Recommended build that is smaller than FT Explorer for complete noob


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Hello builders,

I am brand new to this hobby. I loved the build of my FT Explorer but I am learning that it is too large for my current flying area(at my skill level). I am looking for a build that I can fly in a slightly smaller than one acre field (surrounded by 70ft tall trees). I have considered the FT Tiny Trainer, the FT Simple Cub, and the Versa wing but I am open to anything that can be a good learner.

Also, I have used my Taranis with simulators on my computer and I find 4 channel easier to fly. Should I just go 4 channel off the bat? Bank and yank seems more intuitive to me.

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Given the size of your field I would recommend the old "Yank and Bank" at this time. I am not sure of your actual flight experience but if it is not extensive I would plug for something as close to indestructible as is possible. Whilst there are a few wings in the FT offering as well as the forum posts I would go for something very collision resistant, (even collisions with the ground).

You could build one of these:

Where I fly there are many, (almost everyone has one), and we use them for dogfighting and even racing with huge motors fitted. I have observed many crashes and other issues but ALL are still flying. Only repairs required so far have been a few servos and the odd propeller!

Just my thoughts!

Have fun!