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Recovering over-discharged LiPos


I forgot to unplug a 2200 mah, 11.1 v battery on Saturday. I've done this a couple of times, so I figured I'd search the interweb to see if anyone had info on recovering these batteries. Sure enough, there is a way. I set my charger to NIMH battery and charged my LiPo until it hit 9v. Then put it on LiPo balance and it works like a charm!

Obviously, this may not be safe and you do so at your own risk, but worked for me.


Old age member
Don´t be surprised if the battery has lost some capacity. Little below 3 per cell is OK but if you are discharging down under 2 V per cell then it is hardly any chance to get a working battery back. It will charge to 4.2 volt per cell but will not be any good for motor use.