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Replacing FatShark headunit battery


Junior Member
Hi all,
Just received first FPV unit today.
FatShark Teleporter V5.
Comes with 7.4V Lipo battery that has label that says not to use 'balance charge'.

I asked a similar related question in earlier thread about if I can use my existing charger, but here I have a different question.
Can I use a balanced 2 cell LiPo like a Turnigy nanoTech

instead of the FatShark supplied battery? I know I would need a Xt60-to-Barrrel Plug adaptor cable, but those are easy to make or purchase.
Reason is that would simplify my battery inventory and charging equipment..
I'm just unsure if the balanced vs un-balanced battery type would make a difference.. Newbie and still learning w/r/t these battery details. Want to be safe when dealing with LiPo...



Rogue Drone Pilot
Yes you can use any 2 cell lipo battery with the fatshark goggles. There are two fatshark batteries out there. The 1000 mah and the 1800 mah. Neither one is really that good IMO but get the job done. If you're good at soldering check this video out.

I built a pack like in the video and have to say I'm really liking it so far.


Master Tinkerer
I'd think that using a Li-ion pack or most anything besides lipoly would be good, as you would need to monitor it's charge state less when not using it.