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replica balsa war/large scale planes??

im looking for a place to buy replica war planes or large scale planes for a reasonable price. im just getting into balsa and im addicted to it. but im having trouble finding them online. i like large scale and all i can find is small scale. im looking for a minimum of 70 inch wingspan. any help would be greatly appreciated.


Skill Collector
Lots of lurking :)

Swap meets, estate sales, and browsing RC groups are all good ways to find nice used larger used planes and kits. eBay is very hit-or-miss and be wary of getting in to price wars that drive something way up over a reasonable value.

If you're looking for new kits, I have a thread pinned at the top of this forum for current Balsa Kit Manufacturers, but I'd guess less than 20% of them have the larger stuff. Check out Manzano Lazer Works, Balsa USA, Carolina Custom Kits, and RC Kit Cutters for larger scale stuff - but I don't know if they will meet that "reasonable price" parameter. :)

Happy to help you look if you have any more specifics on what you're looking for too!