Help! Repurposing motors for SeaDuck


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So I have Parts from an E-Flite EC-1500 that face planted the Earth. And I am trying to save money on my SeaDuck Build, So i am taking the motors off the EC-1500 and putting them into the SeaDuck. does anyone know if I am going to have a problem with this?
E-flight motors are

3730-650Kv 14-Pole​

Item No.
Spektrum SMART - SPMXAM1300 is this going to be to much? to little power? unfortunately the five blade props are on back order till June, but I ordered the 9x4.5 props from FT. any idea if this is going to work?

Thanks All.


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Those motors should be absolutely fine. Might look a little funny if you use the 5 blade 10x9 props from the ec-1500, but you can always just use a 2 blade 10x6 blade (a common size), with a 3 or 4s battery. The 9x4.5 blades you ordered may work too, but make sure you are running 4s to 6s LIPOs with the smaller props. These motors are a little overpowered for what you need in the Sea Duck, but aren't so absurdly large that you'll have issues. I'd start out with what you already have on order - and take it out for a ground handling test. If the 9x4.5 props don't have enough power to comfortable move around in grass, then upgrade to a 10x6 (if on a 4s battery) or an 11 inch prop on a 3s battery. I've seen 11x4.5 pairs designed for quads by master airscrew that would do well. If you get her in the air with the 9x4.5 and aren't happy with your ability to pull "unlimited verticals" or it isn't fast enough for you, then you can always jump to a bigger prop. Go with a lower pitch/second number for more pulling power, and higher for more airspeed.