FTFC24: Build-ruary by Zetoyoc


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I am a bit pressed for time at the moment but wanted to get my name in the hat and get some momentum on this challenge. I started but didn't finish last year. this year I hope to do better.

Build Skill - 4
Pilot skill - 4
Distractability - 5

1) - I have a giant list of wants and dreams. ill need a minute to whittle the list down
2) - bear with me
3) - yea, choosing is difficult
4) - no, no, let's be reasonable 6 8 - 20 sheet-sized planes are probably too much, try again..

Build list update -

1) - DH88 Comet - 13th squadron
2) - Seaduck - Flite test

I have a first build chosen. I know i meant to keep it simple, but that plan is off the rails. I am starting with a DH88 Comet from 13th Squadron


It looks like this will be a challenge of twins for me. My second build is going to be the Seaduck. I have wanted one for a while. Now is the time

I really hope I can find matching motors and esc's....


if this is as far as this build gets..... @FoamyDM should ban me from entering next year :)
well at least i surpassed this
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Build 1 - DH88 Comet!

I have started the prep work. a few paper cuts and 3 parts later I had to sit down. I need to pace myself. I am out of shape!



The comet will get finished but I needed to choose one plane to focus on and the sea duck won. I hope to get back to this one soon but it will not be done for builduary.
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Build 2 - FT Sea Duck


Not sure where I'll store it. or how I'll power it but this is happening!

The kit is a bit beat up but I can't really complain about not having to cut this one out by hand.


some progress was made early in the month. i made the wing and the top of the center section and realized i'd need to do some soldering.
I didn't realize how much I was going to do though. It resulted in getting a new, better iron and 3 times the connections after I made the first harness will all the same ends. then when I replaced an end to fix it. i had a harness for two batteries to one esc... oops backward. third time is a charm and now I have a 2 to 1 to 2 adaptor circle thing


After a week of busy life, I made it back to the Seaduck and am happy with the progress, the top section seems mostly done. I have to attach the servo for the tail and seal up the bottom of the tail. hopefully, it won't take me another week to get back to it.

it seems i forgot to take some photos of the later bit of progress. I am sure it wasn't because I was embarrassed to find I had exploded the nose with expanding foam or anything., no..

It is true though, i had read somewhere that the nose of the seaduck can be susceptible to breaking open especially if landing on grass like i plan to. Their solution was a foam-filled nose.
all went really well at first. I did a test in the garage and then also in the garage filled the nose with the perfect amount of foam. i left it there for a day and it looked solid and done. So I brought it in for the night. Apparently, when it warmed up it decided to react some more and well grew. lol.
a bit of major rhinoplasty and it is now a bit more ugly duck than sea duck but it'll fly just fine.

everything else went smoothly. i printed some cowlings for the engines in place of the foam ones the plane is designed with and then started painting. my wife wanted me to paint it the yellow and red tail spin colors but using the white foam base as a color was easier and faster. i also think it came out well.


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Build .. who am I kidding there isn't likely going to be a 5. but why limit myself? This may just be my results and summary post


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Based on my current progress with the seaduck, I am happy. At this point, I am hoping to get one plane done and flying this month. I know, not a ground-shattering achievement, but in past years I was over-ambitious and started more than one plane at a time and got them all partially done with nothing really to fly or show at the end of the month. This time, however, I am focusing on one. then if there is more time when done ill add a second :)

sea duck progress above


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I am slow to update this thread but I finished a plane! On time even lol. It was just one, but I am super happy with it. It is a plane I have been wanting to build and am excited to fly. I had a lot going on as I seem to every year and I decided early this month to trim my expectations and focus my efforts on enjoying the process and the good company I found on Discord and online build parties. I have a great plane I enjoyed building that I likley would not have done without this challenge.