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    Flite test versa wing (small version).

    Hi, My name is Anshu Raj. I'm from india. I have just started with RC hobby airplanes. As my starting model RC plane I have decided to build Flite Test Versa Wing. But, due to a lot of reasons I am unable to build the exact Wing.(Size wise) So, I have reduced the size of the Versa wing plans...
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    Scaled down FT Explorer

    After some looking for FT planes to build, decided to build a FT Explorer, but considered builing in a smaller size, for example 60%. My question: will it fly with the Power Pack A? Would be awesome if it could.
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    Shoe Box Fit

    I have only returned to this hobby for the last 2 years (childhood dream :-P ) and my only problem is I live in the city now. When i was a kid in the country it was easy to find fields of land, and you could go as big as you wanted. I don't have that anymore so I am craving a small stable...
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    request/challenge: Pilot pen airplane!

    Hello! I am Anas Yasser Malas, a 16 year old Jordanian living in UAE. My friend and I are building our first plane just to test it. And then proceeded into awesomeness. Thats just why we have started to watch your videos. And so far ive watched 60% of them(in 4 days!!). In one boring class I got...
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    Ultra Micro Builds!

    This is the place to post all your ultra micro builds! Anything roughly smaller than 600mm wingspan.
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    Small versions

    Hi FT addicts! :D I saw a small, dark-grey version of a FT Flyer in one of the official videos, but can't find which one was it :( but I fall in love with that mini-flyer. Now, everytime I go for a walk with the dog, there is a place next to my home with only some lampposts and no traffic...
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    Noobie - Small Motors?

    What do you use for small motors like what's called for on the swappables? It's proving difficult to find reasonable motors in the 29g range. I went with a suppo 2208/14 to start with but it's still 36 grams. Any suggestions on where to find these tiny little things?
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    Tricopter made in Austria

    Hi there! I just wanted to show you my first Tricopter i ever build. I got my inspiration from David, Flitetest and simplcopter. I just used swiveling arms for crash resistance as usual. Material for the deck is 4mm papule plywood. Arms are made from what i have got lying arround. Weight...
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    mini old fogey

    hello guys, we posted an new video about de mini old fogey. this plane is with swappable fuselage and is build at 55%. the wingspan is about 510mm and weights with battery about 70-75grams. it fly's nice at half throttle and fly's in an nice circle if you trim it right...