Restoring a beat up UMX SBach342 3D


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Hey FliteTest folks,
so this is my fist time contributing to the community instead of just silent reading, so tell me if I'm doing stuff wrong or so...

I have picked up a pretty beat down UMX SBach on (german) ebay small ads, for only 35€ (~40$) but in a working and flyable condition. (Retails here for 135€, ~153$)
Upon arrival, I instanly felt pity for the poor plane, as it was just covered in tape, at some points multiple layers. It weight 81g, HorizonHobby advertised it with 75g, so around 6g(!) of tape and some yellowish glue. The stabilizers are completly wrapped in tape, the front section too, and the leading edges of the wings. Also, about everything that can break was already reglued, i.e. both wings, both horizontal and the vertical stabilizer and the complete fuselage at the leading edge of the wings. I can definetly see someone had his fair share of fun with this plane! Well, now it's my turn, and I picked up a couple tricks over the years of fixing various stuff (though relatively new to planes, this is my third ARF/RTF/BNF plane).

Now I'm just documenting my process and posting pictures as I go along, because I like to read this stuff myself, and maybe there are some other people who do too. Here are the orignial photos from the listing, you can see the massive amounts of tape everywhere.


First thing, removing all the tape from the motor hatch and the front of the fuselage, but unfortunatly the paint stuck too well to the tape and it came out almost white. Masked the contures and repainted it with matte black acrylic waterbased foamsave spraypaint.
I forgot to take pictures here, sorry guys.

The motor hatch was missing some foam, so I cut some 3mm depron to size and glued it in there with UHU Por. Masked and painted it.


Also, I added some guides to the side, and stuffed up the upper guide for the hatch with 3mm depron, because the fit wasn't satifying. Ignore the silver paint, I tested a silver edding there.


Peeled of all the tape from the leading edge, again, masked and repainted it. It peeled quite a patch of silver paint too, the silver Edding Pen isn't really the best match, but I think it's close enough.


While I was watching paint dry, I soldered a cable to field charge the small 2cell lipos with a bigger 3 cell lipo with my balance charger. Not completly tested yet, but I'm pretty confident this will work.


Mask your stuff properly!!


Well, this is it, watching paint dry again, but I'll keep adding updates here.

Next on my list is laminating small bits of glass fibre to the important pieces, and glueing the control horns, because they are VERY loose right now. I hope I can "maiden" this beauty next week, but lets see what the weather has to say about that...


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Nice progress there! Always glad to see a "well loved" plane restored, and have the frame to start my first restoration later this summer myself.

Oh yeah, welcome to the posting side of the forums! :)