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  3. S

    Solved [Lemon Plane] Eflight P-51D 1.2mm Mustang w/ DX6E transmitter - SAFE not working

    Hi, I am new to this hobby but not so new that I have absolutely no idea how things work. I take a lot of time and effort into learning something before I go and do it. But for some reason I am having trouble getting the gear and flaps to work on my E flight mustang. I've gone through the set up...
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    This Sukhoi is an awesome 3d plane
  5. Grover54

    Carbon Z Cub - Wanted!

    My Carbon Z went to "Z" heaven a few weeks ago and I'd really like to replace it but as you Carbon "Z" pilots know it's been discontinued :( Regardless, I'd really like to find one so if anyone out the has one in good condition and you want to sell it please let me know. The only caveat is...
  6. J

    Need recommendations please!!!

    Hey what’s going on guys. I’m fairly new to the hobby. Loving it so far, started with the carbon cub s+ and just bought an eflite commander mpd the other day. Took the commander out for the maiden, and the right aileron Servo failed. Got it to the ground and landed decent. But does anyone have...
  7. P

    Adagio 280 facing the ocean.

  8. S

    Elevator problem when switching mode on e flite apprentice

    When switching from beginner to intermediate mode on my e flite apprentice the elevator changes position causing the nose of the plane to rise!........ If anybody know why, i would be very grateful :confused:
  9. T

    Restoring a beat up UMX SBach342 3D

    Hey FliteTest folks, so this is my fist time contributing to the community instead of just silent reading, so tell me if I'm doing stuff wrong or so... I have picked up a pretty beat down UMX SBach on (german) ebay small ads, for only 35€ (~40$) but in a working and flyable condition. (Retails...
  10. B

    E-flite P-51 mustang

    I recently got a eflite p-51 mustang with 44 inch wingspan and was if anyone had some good tips for flying and landing this beautiful airplane. I have a couple years of flying 3 and 4 channel airplanes and flying simulators but thought it might be a good idea to get some tips from people with...
  11. InfinityPlane

    HobbyZone Duet

    [B]Will you review the Hobbyzone Duet, Flite Test??? :):D:cool:
  12. themajik1

    EFlite BNF Hawker Hurricaine 25e Build

    So I was asked after purchasing the EFlite BNF Hawker Hurricaine 25e from Atlanta for the unbelievable price of $139.00 to do a quick build thread. This plane came like all of the EFlite, Parkzone, and the rest of Horizon Hobby's stuff packed well, no issues whatsoever. Here are the contents...