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Review Eflite Umx Habu

Epic fly guy

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Please do a review of the umx habu and could you also do tips for flying an EDF for the first time because I just got the habu but a little nervous to fly it and would appreciate some tips for my maiden.


Dedicated foam bender
Throw it hard and keep it away from the ground...oh, and trees. Keep it away from trees.

I know...I'm not much help today... sorry....:confused:


In my experience, the most difficult part of flying an EDF is getting it into the air. EDFs suffer from poor acceleration. Once at flying speed they are pretty easy to fly, but if you are hand launching, things can get rough. As Xuzme said, give it a good toss. If you are taking off from the ground give yourself plenty of distance and don't rip it off the ground as you can with a prop plane.