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Review: HobbyZone Delta Ray


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I'm interested in getting into fixed wing flight. After your reviews of the Apprentice 15e and the Stratos I've been looking at Horizon Hobby. They have a new beginners plane with SAFE built into it. The Delta Ray is a delta wing design with twin motors. Its 4 channel with differential thrust from the dual motors acting as yaw control. I'd love to see Bixler's opinions on it and Scott flying it.


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Mine got shipped today. Can't wait !!!!!
We've had ours for about a month now, loving it! Getting some pics and vid together to start a proper thread on it, but for now know that it is a gentle, slow flying trainer.

It's tendencies are to gather altitude at anything over half throttle, and it's thrust differential system can be more of a hassle than a blessing at low speeds; make sure when you're turning into the wind that you've got some speed up, as the system will power down your inner prop and speed up the outer, helping yaw but not lift or speed. Can be entertaining after you get used to it, but the first time it tip stalls and powers up, rights itself, and gives you back control can be hair raising :)

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I have had mine for about two week. ya and I feel the same way. I wish it have more power in the wind. I have a hard time getting altitude even in pro mode. I fight with it revolting in braking off the nose:(
Still loving mine. Started to do some newbie FPV. Love the trainer switch. I start off in beginner mode and get two or three mistakes high. Then if you want to have fun flip the switch to pro, do a flip or a barrel roll, but if you get scared or close to the ground. Just back to beginner mode and "BAM" there is the horizon where to can get your bearings back. I flew it so much that I burned up a motor so instead of buying the stock $20 motors (that are 180's). I when with the Traxxas 380 motors that are $10 each. they fit right in with a little mod work.
I also put a 4.75x4.75 props on. Made this thing fly so much better.
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Any new updates on the motor mod?

How has it been working? Same batteries or did you have to get bigger ones? How has the ECS handled the new motors?
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