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This thread hasn't seen any activity so I will add some of my antics to the mix.

First off my first truly unique design (completely my idea, not a mod of someone else's rocket) has completed 3 flights so far with only one mishap and no losses.


Unfortunately the main camera I was tracking it with (which supposedly shot HD at 30 fps) was in reality a pretty poor quality in terms of video and the launch looks pretty grainy. The other camera which was getting the liftoff shot was fantastic and caught this photo right here.

Anyways the flight was great on a D12-7 but I didnt pack enough recovery wadding in and the rocket tore its shock cord in half, the main body was unstable thankfully and started tumbling and landed in soft grass. The nose cone (with the parachute attached) took about 2 minutes to land and also returned safely. All in all the rocket was a huge success and I just have to remember to pack more recovery wadding.