greetings and salutations!


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Wow that's 3am to 6 am for me😂😂... I could do it if I went down to my build room.. luckily I have WiFi there.
The Saturday time is 6 -9 pm... For me a little harder as that's dinner time😂
If you don't mind me asking, where are you from. Germany-ish? that is the reason we have a range of times, as I know not everyone can set aside a 3hr block.


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I am glad we could have you join us for a bit. We will have another in December. But if you are building... Just shout in the general chat and see if there are folks who want to hang out in a build party chat room.

Thanks Jason, I didn't see this.
i can probably join yall sometime, ill join when I'm home


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Well listen to the Aviation RC Noob Podcast and the show notes have a link to the Discord Server. on the night's we do it, we will be in a Build Party Vid Room. Most folks post in the General chat. right now they tend to be about 6-15 guys to stop in for awhile while they build and we all chat. Typically around 6 people are on at any given moment. In this "don't gather, don't touch me" World, getting together in this way is a good way to still be connected in the hobby.


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my Google-fu seems to be lacking as I can't find info on making pager motor my grandson can have fun with powered gliders. I found a resource to get different size pager motors, but would like to find plans and others who make them to ask them questions and such. does anyone here have suggestions on where to look?


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apparently the spitfire and the corsair (master series) can be modded to have retracts

I would like to put retracts on my FT Master Series Corsair. I just started researching to see if it is possible and read your post. Do you have a reference to the mods that you mention in your post?