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Builder Extraordinare
New here but been following since the original inception. Thought I would suggest rockets firing off wings. Might be fun in Chad's BY. Any thoughts?


Crazy flyer/crasher :D
Firework on the bottom or back of the plane which you ignite on ground to get the plane on hight and then gettin it back down without any electric motor?

Making it sail down.

That would be fund to watch.
You could easily make this one of your challenges or bets and if David Windestal is back he could get some more slaps :D


At the risk of putting this out there (on another forum, this would invite a tremendous amount of abuse)....

I have devised a way to launch "missiles" from my Super Cub. I have modified bottle rockets by removing the stick, wrapping in notebook paper and adding fins. Model rocket ignitors light the fuse. I have 2 circuits, each launching 2 rockets. Completion of the each circuit is controlled by by one of the knobs on my tx. A control wire, attached to a servo makes contact when the knob is turned left and right.

2 "rockets" are fired at once. The plane can carry 4 rockets total. AMA can protest all they want-I'm not a member.


Crazy flyer/crasher :D
As soon as you stay on private poverty AND don´t reach a certain hight (thats the way it is in Germany and probably in other different countries as well) you will be fine to do that, as long as you get those fireworks and stuff legally! Otherwise you´ll risk to injure yourself or the model.

And noone wants to destroy models purposely except the Joshes :D


Crazy flyer/crasher :D
that would be actually quite interesting!

For example to make a Spitfire able to shoot BB guns and then have two of them and have a combat between them.

Which one gets down first, looses.
Good stuff for a challenge episode or a Just for fun episode. :D
thats something ive been drawing plans for. i wanna make my own sugar rockets so i can slow do the burn rate of it and make it smiler to a cruse missile. of corse i would not and any explosive in it. just would be cool to make a controllable missile
FPV missile combat? rc is going too far. :)