Rolling take off platform


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Hello all,

I am looking for suggestion or ideas on how to make a rolling take off platform for a ranger 1600mm. It does not have landing gear and I was wanting to make a platform that would act like landing gear for take off but stay on the ground as the plane lifts off. Wondering if this would work. All my internet searches end up with regular fixed landing gear. Thanks for any suggestions.


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well, if you want to get plane up in speed, you need switch or something eg. to release a "cartwheel". Or a motorized one, thats need own operator.
Thats reason not normally used, much to see about it. Most will use a bungee start instead.


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I've seen one or two pictures of them on the web and even built one once. The one I built was just a sled to take off from the grass - no wheels. It didn't work (but I don't think it would be hard to do). I also wanted to build some wheels for my warbirds that would just fall off as they take off but I haven't motivated yet. What I have use for my planes without landing gear is a bungee launch. It is more hassle then a "cart" to take the place of wheels but it works well. I just used it to maiden a flying wing someone gave me. I launched the wing with no power and just let it glide, that way I was able to check the feel of the controls and the CG without it crashing under power. If you build the cart please post pics.