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RORO SQ-45 - from CAD to flight

Built prototype

After cutting the frame and painting it, it comes out at 270g, not too bad I'd say.
310g mounted frame with all the screws.
970g AUW with these:

-2830 980kv
-Turnigy Multistar 30A
-KK 1.3 board (later tested with NAZA as well)
-2200mAh Nanotech


Foam Addict

Squirrel member
I can't afford it in the winter, this summer though, I might be able to buy the parts for a quad!:D
Sorry Teach, I may turn to multirotors yet!:D


Amateur Extra Class K5TWM
VERY nice frame, craft and overall build. It just begs for a KK2. I bet it flew well with the NAZA.

Foam Addict did you see MikeysRC Foamboard quad? Cheap way to turn to the dark side but I would use 20A RCR SimonK Escs from MyRCMart.com and Hobbyking AXN Floater jet motors with 8X4.5 props and of course a KK2. Would make for a very agile acro copter.



Amateur Extra Class K5TWM
Tritium, no I didn't....yet!
I do hope those would be on a 2 cell!:p
My Armattan Stunt quad uses 2600KV motors on 3S with 8X4.5 props. Stunt quads and micro quads do better with High KV motors. Aerial Video and FPV with lower KV for less vibration and better stability.