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Rudder vs differential thrust

Can differential thrust completely replace a rudder for controlling yaw? What are the differences in terms of the behaviour of the plane and what are the pros and cons of each one? Also, which one is usually better for battery life? Having a servo to control the rudder, or using the motors for differential thrust?


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Yes, differential thrust can completely replace the rudder for yaw control. Differential thrust can be far more aggressive than a rudder. If you want to do crazy flat spins, use differential thrust. Differential thrust will take 2 motors, 2 ESC's and some Tx programing. It's a bit more expensive and complicated to setup. Rudders will be easier especially for a beginner.

Battery life will have far more to do with how fast you fly than anything else, if you fly fast you will cut your flying time. I doubt there is much if any difference in flight time due to differential thrust.
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