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Rx4r receiver: how to install?

I just came back from Flight Fest, Ohio and I am new to RC planes; well anything RC. I bought FrSky RX4R receiver and am not sure how to install it in my Commuter plane I am building. Not sure which pins to connect my servos to and the engine to. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. If it helps I also bought a new Taranis x9 lite controller.


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Taranis is AETR, so channel one is Aileron, two is Elevator, three is Throttle, 4 is Rudder.
Look at the Input screen on the 9XD when you make the new model, that’s the channel order. You can mess with it in OpenTX but for simplicity leave it alone on your first model.


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I plug in one aileron servo into channel 1, elevator servo into channel 2, ESC into channel 3, rudder into channel 4, and second aileron into channel 5. Then, make a mix of channel one and five (sorry i would be more detailed here but I don't know the FRsky setup), and make sure that when the aileron stick goes left, the left aileron goes left, visa versa. To connect battery, plug it into the battery plug on the ESC. When you plug in the motor, assuming you have brushless, the three bullet plugs do not have a particular order. If it is spinning the wrong way, just switch any two wires around. Follow the instructions on the ESC or Transmitter to connect them and properly set up the ESC, like I said I am not familiar with the FRsky setup.