San Francisco Bay Area


I'm in Oakland, I live/work at my office near Keller Ave in the Oakland Hills and fly at King Estates Park.

Looking for others active in these forums who live in the SF Bay Area

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Sweet, I just googled it, looked at the google map - I thought there were playing fields behind the 'wall' next to 237, Looks like a ton of open space.


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I fly out of Sunnyvale Baylands park.

Getting a little paranoid about all the rules, but I think I read somewhere about a surface to 400 ft airspace rule on top of the no fly zone of a 5 mile radius from Moffet Field. Honestly, seems excessive for someone like me: beginner that doesn't even have FPV or high range radio. Do you still fly at Baylands?


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Bringing it back for those in the bay! I’m in Oakland, too! There’s always a few flyers and quad pilots out and about at Ceasar Chavez early morning on the weekends!