Help! Help me grow my local RC community!


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This is my local club! here are some members from a nearby club who came to come to see my local club!


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How about gas engines?
Some colleagues here have glow engines but here it is not easy to find the fuel. On the other hand, gasoline engines are easier to run, gasoline can be found almost everywhere. So gasoline engines yes, but glow no, sadly.


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Good morning everyone, a few days ago we received part of a donation organized by danskis. We have received only a part of it, we divided the shipment in two packages and we will be sending the second one to Cuba as soon as possible. On behalf of the club and myself personally we want to publicly thank all those who participated in the donation and of course its organizer Daniel. All these things mean a lot to us and help us to fly higher and higher.



Check the post we made about in our facebook page

Once again, thank you very much my friend.