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scale A320 scratchbuild


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Hello all. Been a while since i've last been here so i thought what better way to start off that begin a build log. Only just finished the scaling process based on some cross sections i've found online. I'll be building it from some bluecore foam i've got lying around and its wingspan probably wont exceed about 30 inches. I'll be using a single pusher motor setup mounted at the back of the plane which will probably be the stock bixler motor running a 6x4 prop. Will hopefully get some pictures up with some more detail as soon as soon as i get some work done! Questions and suggestions are more than welcome! :D


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alright so last night i cut out 2 blocks of 5cm thick bluecore foam both 78cm long and 10cm wide, glued them together and left them to dry. Sanded them down this morning and finally got this end result: 21062013509.jpg 21062013511.jpg 21062013512.jpg
Here's where i'm mounting the motor. I will be routing the wires through the fuselage later: 21062013519.jpg
Next up the wings. I'm confused whether to sand them out of some more bluecore or fold them out of some 6mm foamboard, will probably try both methods and see which works best will start with bluecore.
More updates coming soon!


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Done with the blue core wing, I'm struggling with the finish, getting the propper airfoil, thickness and cleanliness of the wing is quite difficult.

There are little dents that develop during sanding and to get rid of them i had to sand the wing down even more

there are still some there and there and i dont want to sand the wing down any more so i'm thinking of either covering the wing with paper mache or ill try folding the wing out of the foamboard. Any suggestions anyone?

Anyways this is whats been complete so far:



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Hey a big blue propellered sausage!

Off to a great start -- looking forward to seeing her earn her wings!

(oops! shoulda waited a moment -- still coming along nicely!)


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Thanks for all the input guys, already did the paper mache method which seems like it did the trick it's drying outside right now as we speak, next up the tail!


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sorry for the lack of updates guys, I've been incredibly busy. Anyhow finished off the tail section and cant help but think the horizontal stabilizer is a tad too small...
Here's the finished wing, looks much better with the covering and will probably be easier to paint. I'm actually considering doing this to the whole air frame once it's all put together

22062013522.jpg 22062013525.jpg

Here's the tail section:


Still have to glue everything together but here's a rough fit:


The all up weight of the airframe is about 240g without the electronics. Now i'll have to prep up the fuselage to contain the electronics and fuse the wing with it. I'm going to slice the top of the fuselage off to form a long hatch running along it and i'm going to dig out some foam. On the bottom i'm going to cut out a section to glue the wings into.


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Started my day cutting out and hinging ailerons on my w
25062013551.jpg 25062013553.jpg

Also dug out 2 holes in he wing for some LED's!

25062013554.jpg 25062013556.jpg 25062013557.jpg

Took out the old hotwire cutter and cut off a hatch to place all the electronics on the inside

25062013559.jpg 25062013566.jpg

More to come soon!


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Really excited right now it's finally taking shape! Covered up the hatch i cut yesterday, it felt flimsy and needed to be toughened up:

epoxied my motor mount onto the foam then taped it up for some added strength then screwed on my motor and routed the wires though the tail into reach the esc on the inside:

26062013568.jpg 26062013569.jpg

Next up the wings! finished installing the servo's and LED's. I feel like adding some split flaps but the plane already weighs enough (full flying weight is at 600g) and i've got no idea how effective they'll be perhaps after the maiden? Any thoughts?

26062013571.jpg 26062013572.jpg 26062013573.jpg 26062013574.jpg

Dug into the fusalage to access the wing servo's easily through the hatch:

Here are the wheels i'm installing they're about 4.5cm in diameter

Anyhow here's the finished result so far!