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Help! Scratch adams foamboard spare parts plane Needs a name


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Scratchbuilt from foamboard, An original no plan Cessna 150 style with cowling , landing gear, wheels, and fairings I got in a parts lot purchase on e-bay. Cowl looks kinda like it came off of an aeronca or maybe a citabra. Had an old yellow fm 27mghz? receiver in the box of parts. I made a TT wing chopped to 24" with ailerons, 300 size motor, 3-axis gyro. I haven't maidened it yet, it has great balance. Did a taxi run in the street with a short lift off and set it down looking good, gotta turn down that gyro sensitivity. No name yet , what would you call it? GOPR0457.JPG G0330455.JPG GOPR0453.JPG Just took these pictures, noticed my new gopro black hero5 is showing July 2015, gonna have to learn how to set that.
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Tench 745 suggested "The Capitan"
I appreciate your reply. "The Capitan" it is! :) Sounds good to me. Felt like it will be fast, maybe squirrely as I made the moment a little too short, no plan, just marked the width and height of the cowl and the formed landing gear onto a foamboard and started cutting. Freehanded all else except wing and used my TT template for it, looked too long so I chopped it maybe too short, after eyeballing it I added the gyro so I at least have a failsafe! This is version #1. I plan to keep it around. If I can master the gopro, might post a maiden
I like your hangar, I'm making a photo album of my hangar in the media section, (still adding to it) Also posting a build log of my Guillows Chreokee in there. Over 100 photos already! I plan to open it to members only (which will be most of our FT family) due to all the photo shopping and tinkering on line these days. Putting you on there today. Anyone else that wants to see it, please put a note in my inbox . Thanks, Fred "Old Coastie" :giggle:


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The cowl and pants give it a really finished look that FT models don't usually have. I like the curved windshield as well. "Old Coastie" would be a good name for a plane too. :D