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Scratch Builds?

Hey All, I'm waiting to get my new Radjet from hobbyking but in the mean time i want to mess with some elevon mixing with my new radio, so does anyone have any cheap flying wing plans i could look at to make something up out of foam in my basement? Thank You


Junior Member
Try the simple delta. About as quick and simple as they come. 3 - 4 hour build.

I'm running a 1700kv blue wonder, 12A HK esc, 2 x HXT500 servos, 2 and 3S 800mah nanotechs and a 8x4 SF prop. Its certainly not a speed machine like the radjet but it'll show you what delta mixing is all about.

and a link to the RCgroups thread


Heaps of scratch building threads on rcgroups, well worth a look if your keen on getting into it. But be careful, this scratch building is addictive!

PS - when you get sick of the stock motor on the radjet, try the 2836 2350KV from hobbyking. My knees are still shaking from my first and only flight with it.:p
This is a frankenplane project I am building based on RCTestFlight's 'Build along Delta' and the nose from the FT 22. It has a KFM3 airfoil and a 2212 900kV with a 10X5 prop and I changed it to a prop-in-slot. It's still in-work, but is starting to look pretty cool...I only hope it flies as well ;)

Delta 2.jpg