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Scratch built Micro for FPV, Bigger or Smaller?

I've got a design for a micro twin engine (built to resemble the DeHavilland Comet DH-88) that I've kind of perfected over the last year or so. Probably have more than 15 "concept designs" that i've built and flown at this point and now the question is, "Since i've got the micro bug, and the FPV bug, do i keep going smaller or do i perfect into something I can micro FPV?"

On one hand, I've got an electronics package that I'm confident I can scale down to under 50 grams and run 6 mm motors BUT would that be more fun than perfecting the 70 gram or so airframe I've got (running 8.5mm motors) and build a sub 90 gram FPV plane you could fly in a back yard?

I have kiddos so the idea of showing people they can make an FPV plane for under $100 themselves that is durable enough to have fun with and stable enough to enjoy at home is appealing to me.

I would also enjoy the challenge of getting my current airframe below 50 grams but, as i've learned, in the world of Micro's, that's nothing. The thought of taking the basic electronics package i've been using (can be had for about $35 USD) and going sub 50 gram with is interesting however...

I don't have a video that has my latest airframe but it is simlar to this one:

So the question is, Do I perfect this one and FPV it, or continue my quest for the smallest DH-88 I can manage?
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