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Scratch concept build mk47 spitfire

Noticed after I already posted in the electric fixed wing aircraft that there was a tab for warbirds. So on that note felt it necessary to post a new thread here where is belongs. But here is where I'm at so far.
Wing span 49" length 46.5"
Testing a center line fuselage with rib construction and a light covering over to lighten the weight even more than just foam board. On the fence if I'm keeping retracts.
Horn pivot flap construction.
I did not pull anyone's plans for this I printed out spitfire cad drawings front/left/top on normal 8.5 11 sheets. Drew out in 1/2" squares and increased To templates 3 3/8" square on cardboard sheets all hand drawn. There are easier methods but I like to do every step and know my airplane and my mistakes are mine not a print fault this is my design in and out I like those failures and learning experiences.

If you see a fault or have a tip on what you see let me know I'm new to airplane building I only flew out of the box glows and seen my uncle work with balsa wood.

Ill keep posting my progress in case anyone is interested.