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Scratch Delta

Hey I'm going to be building a delta wing plane and I was wondering what would be a good size motor for the plane. The wingspan is going to be 36in. and from nose to tail is about 33in.


What material are you planning on building it with? Are you looking for a fast airplane with a crazy roll rate or are you looking for a more gentle flier?

The material question will give us an idea of the weight it will have. The second question will let us know what sort of power you might need.
You should look at Experimental Airlines on youtube. This guy does some pretty good delta wings. I made a couple from the same plane and the airframe only took me about 45 minutes to build. The rest was simple too and all of it was made out of dollar tree foam board and packing tape.

Here is a two videos of it in action. I used a 3400kv motor running a 4s 1300mAh battery. 5x5e prop too.



Let me know what you think. The videos on how to build them are super easy.