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Seeking pilots-eye camera ...


Junior Member
Hi All,

I'm looking for some advice:

I am in Europe and fly a 500-type quad which, unlike the manufacturers standard fixtures and fittings, has been kitted out with the best motors, ESCs, gyro and radio it can handle.

For some time I have been flying with a GoPro but have always detested its ultra-wide angle and the bent horizontal lines. For basic FPV, it's OK but now I want to crank it up a notch.

The MFW of the quad is 2200g and without the GoPro, the current weight is around 1170g. The intention is to mount a prosumer Panasonic HD camera to capture flight footage but, as we know, such cameras do not have a 'video out' option.

Still with me?


With a Panasonic camera (or similar) in place, I'm going to need a pilots-eye-view. I already have an 'Immersion RC' 5.8GHz transmitter with a power lead and the usual 4-pin video/sound connector. At present, this connecter terminates in a 3mm jack for use with the GoPro - it can be changed.

So here's my question: does anyone have any suggestions for a GoPro replacement? FlyCamOne ECO for example? Or just anything lightweight that will work with my existing TX system?

All thoughts and suggestions welcomed.



Elemental Madness
Why do you need to replace it? Which version do you have? On the Hero 2 you can set the record video to medium or narrow on 720/1080 and it gets rid of the fish-eye look. I don't believe you can change the video coming out of it though, but like you said, it is good to have a wide angle lens for FPV.


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Hi. Thanks for your reply.

I need to replace it because:

a) the space that is currently being used for the GoPro will be taken up by the new, slightly heavier and larger Panasonic HD camera.

b) I am sure that just for my own piloting view, there is another, lighter camera I can install elsewhere, still facing forward.

The question is more 'does anyone know of a smaller camera I can use with my existing FPV TX unit' and not that of removing the use of a wide angle camera.

I understand that most mini-FPV type cameras are wide angle, I'm just looking for an alternative to a GoPro.