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Servo issue

I got the power pack H to build the FT dart, but when I tried to center my servos, neither of the servos responded. I watched the video over and over and the servo tester shows that it’s on, but the servos don’t do anything


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Have you got a power source connected to the servo tester? They want less than 6v usually.
If you have power in (make sure the plug is the right way around) can you use the dial to move the servos?
Are you using a servotester or the RX to test the servos?


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Double check your connections to the servo tester. Mine drove me nuts at first until I learned the correct orientation for the plugs.


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With an ohm meter check the voltage at the 2 leads you are using and make sure that is right like FDS sujested. Then check to make sure you have the positive and negative in the right spot and last make sure the servo lead is plugged in the right way.

I power my tester through an old esc so I know it has the correct voltage.


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A 3s lipo into the servo tester will usually kill it. They run off 5-6v maximum input, the two I have do anyway.
Run it off the BEC from your ESC if in doubt.


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Connect the receiver to the BEC on the esc, it’s the servo shaped plug coming out the ESC. That usually goes in the Throttle connection. DO NOT attempt to plug the RX DIRECTLY to the battery. That will end with further magic smoke.

Servos then plug into the RECEIVER, on the three pin servo plugs. Make sure you put the plugs round the right way, check your RX layout. Red wire on servo plugs is usually 5v.
If you have a servo tester that isn’t fried it could be plugged in instead of a receiver, just like the above diagram. You don’t need to plug a motor in either but do make sure none of the motor outputs are uninsulated wire or a bare metal plug, as if they touch together with a throttle output on then you will cook the ESC.
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In the vid, looks like josh uses the last cell in the pack. So 3.7 - 4.2V if connected correctly.
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