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Shniggles the Box Plane

L Edge

Elite member
It was raining, I was bored. Had an extra sheet of foam and some big bamboo sticks.

Maybe it will fly, maybe it won't.

very elaborate steering mechanism.

R & T only. Slight angle of attack on the front "wing" and the motor is angled up as well.
It should. Most likely it will fly nose high(mine was a circular setup). If you want something different, do a setup that has the 2 servos/motor in front of the leading edge of a wing so you can do elevator and aileron and use differential thrust for rudder. It also flies nose high.


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I added some high $$ weight to the front wing - $0.40 worth of nickels to be exact. I may reduce that a bit, will see what she does on first flight.


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The steering is simply a large servo with a plastic "X" type motor mount glued onto it.

It's located on the trailing edge of the rear wing. If you look at the overall picture, it goes in the slot in the foam block right by where the bottle of foam-tac is. It's close to 13* angle (I picked that up somewhere, may be too much.)

Will see when I try and fly it.


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Does it fly?


Does it fly well?


Too much positive angle in the motor so she would just want to loop no matter the throttle input, even with up to an oz of weight on the front.

Weights off, added a servo, now it's 3 channel control for R E T with a front mounted canard.

What's interesting is it's almost indestructible. We launched it a dozen or so times, and each crash it would just bounce.

L Edge

Elite member
Did you know that a frontal canard hooked with 2 servos along with your rear elevons make it do some nice hi-alpha and acrobatic stuff?

Do you have a video of yours?


Well-known member
Mine doesn't have elevons (yet) just a big wide (single) canard

Havne't had a chance to test MkII yet. Maybe Saturday.