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Help! Short motor leads


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Can anyone point me to a company or individual that can PROPERLY redo the wiring on my motors. I have 4x cobra 2212 and most of the wires are older, brittle, or just plan short. I would love to have all the wires redone on them for my tricopter build.


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Take the rotor off and look inside, it’s usually held by a C clip or small bolt, then you should be able to solder new wire yourself, be sure to get solid head shrink over the joins and cover the copper windings to stop any spatter getting on there. Blutac is useful for that. You want a quality 18AWG silicone insulated hobby wire for most 30A peak motors, or 16AWG for larger ones.


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I agree with @FDS and @Captain Video. Unless it is an easy fix like soldering on a longer lead, it is not worth the effort to rewind a motor. It's more cost effective to replace. You could save the parts to possibly repair another motor. But even that may not be worth it.


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These are the really nice Cobra motors that Charpu use to race with. I found them at a good deal and they all work the leads are just brittle on them. I will take the motor apart and see how much work it would be to resolder the wires on. Thanks @FDS for the information on the wire size. I didnt know about the wire sizes. I am just getting into the drone hobby and it is a whole new world. I have been flying helis for 13 years and drones have caught my attention as well. Thanks guys.