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Show suggestion, Ghost on the plane

How about a show where the pilot has to recover the the plane and land it safely, whilst another person has the ability to shut down a control surface of their choice, extremely low rates, or present some sort of problematic situation.
What do y'all think? Or any ideas to improve upon this one.


haha I like it, that is similar to the F key in flight simulators where things start falling off!! Not a bad idea at all!

Ill see what the crew thinks!



Got Lobstah?
Site Moderator
My son and I have an indoor version of this last Winter that had us laughing. We set up buddy-trainer radios and while one good pilot (he is much better than I) maintains the aircraft under control (we did it with the Inductrix) the other on the master takes and gives control unexpectedly and at will. With some creative master settings I could see this being plenty of fun outdoors as well.