Sim headtracker clip made from foamboard


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It's terrible out, but at least I could be building new planes, right? Or modifying or decorating the ones I have? No. Especially when I finish a build, I need to fly it. I can't afford to lose any thumbs to the cold, though. So to avoid the frustration, I've turned to other projects - but that doesn't mean I've turned away from aviation.

This is a headtracker clip made of 3 IR diodes, a resistor and one of the cheap 1s lipos that I bought a bunch of awhile ago. It attaches to my bluetooth headset and works together with a modified webcam so that I can turn my head in simulators and have the view follow. Unfortunately, the webcam sucks and glitches up all the time - but the concept works great at least. All I need to do is replace the camera and this will be one of the best improvements to my sim setup in years.

Thanks a lot to FT and everyone here for introducing me to foamboard as a construction material. A lot of people 3d print these, or bend them out of wire, but foam has got to be the quickest and easiest material to work with, and it gives you somewhere to hide the wires! And yes, the hot glue is on the diodes on purpose - it acts as a diffuser.


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