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If you go to the 14:00 mark on this video, you will see that Josh tapes his ESC to the bottom of the powerpod, and passes the battery connector through to the inside where it is only accessible if you take off the wing. But in another video i see Josh flipping the plane upside down to connect and disconnect his battery (as I would expect).

I can see no reason why the ESC should be taped to the bottom of the powerpod,but the battery connector has to be accessible on the bottom of the powerpod. But that’s not what he shows in the build video. I checked out a second video where he did a live build but he skipped the powerpod part because he said it’s boring, and he just referred everyone to the other build video where he did what I said above. But then in the end of the live build video you can see the battery connector is accessible through the bottom.

Does the ESC go inside the powerpod, and is the battery connection the only thing passing through to the bottom side of the powerpod?

And does anyone know why Josh built it the way he did in that video above?


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does anyone know why Josh built it the way he did in that video above?
Nope, maybe to get the proper CG, maybe he just felt like it, no idea.

The ECS & battery go wherever you need them to go to achieve the CG, otherwise it’s personal choice.

Myself, I prefer the ESC inside the power pod, my Rx will be near the back of the PP. The barbecue squire that holds the PP in place also secures my Rx. I find this easier to hook everything up. I usually make my fuselage taller than stock, I make then exactly 2 PP’s high. I make my old PP into a battery tray & slide it in under the stock PP. I have easy access to both the ESC & battery while both are well protected from damage.
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