Simple Cub not flying


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We are considering shelving this plane and buying a pre cut Bushwacker and build that using the 1400 kv motor and using a 9 by 5 prop, is that a good idea? As we cant seem to make the plane fly
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Find an experienced pilot -- at a club or something -- and get some hands on assistance. I think you might be blaming too much on the plane.


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Have you done a glide test yet? Doing the glide test will show if you have COG or control surface trim problems.
  1. Turn on your transmitter.
  2. Plug in your planes battery.
  3. Give the plane a firm straight toss toward something soft.
  4. Post the video. 🙂


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That's an high wing aileron roll if I ever saw one. But it could also be full left rudder induced. You say it glides straight, but how do YOU know it's nose heavy?

All things being equal it should fly powered straight if it glides straight unless the motor is pointing to the left side in a noticeable way. Have you tried full right aileron trim? And a bunch of right rudder trim? Need a better, closer, longer video to see what's happening also with about 10 seconds of closeup holding it under full power before tossing. Whomever is filming needs to be right next to the launch person
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