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Simulator game play commentary


not crazy, just stupid
hello everyone!
i have decided to start making video-game commentaries, and i decided to post this one here and share it with you guys. I know that the commentary is quite weak, but practice makes a master, so yeah.
here we go:

ps. i didnt post this under video because i didnt think it would fit in there, its not as entertaining as it should be...
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That was entertaining!
And funny!
...Choppin' 'em friends heads with helis...
...This is a 4D plane. The motor spins at full RPM while the propeller changes pitch. You can fly backwards *crashes* ... and crash....
...That's enough of flying. Let's land *Nose dives down* ....
These were the funniest moments for me :D


not crazy, just stupid
thankyou for the kind comments everyone :)
and yes the cap 232 IS awesome! one of my friends has one and its Epic! Love it!