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Simulators on the go!

Which simulator do you enjoy more?

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For my rainy day flying, I use FSONE and love the realism that it has over all other simulators. However, I went looking for a way to get my simulator fix while on the go. The Android platform quickly proved to be the end of my searching.

Leo's RC Simulator
*Please note that the video for this simulator could be better. I have tweaked the settings on this simulator to make it very realistic. It is easily the most versatile and customizable simulator available for Android.

ClearView Helicopter Simulators

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Rotor Riot!
Then download RCDeskpilot and/or FMS(FMS won't work if you have a vista). Do you have a sim TX?
Downloading RCDeskPilot, I have FMS already, but it doesn't have good physics. It's only good for training your orientation, and not not overcontrolling. I can't do 3D on FMS.


Rotor Riot!
Downloaded RCDeskPilot, really nice graphics, 3d anaglyph included, average flight physics, a bit laggy on the controls, it's a very good flight sim considering it's free.

Fun fact: I use a computer radio to control the sim, I had 125% throws on dual rate, fly the extra and the roll rate is faster than the propeller... I didn't know you could measure roll rate in RPM :)
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