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Hey All,

With Christmas and a Bday approaching I want to pick up a couple of small quads for my son and I. Something that could ideally be flown both indoors and out. We fly fixed wing and I'm looking for suggestions for fun, affordable (prefer to keep it below $150 unless there's a really good reason to go above that), and well supported quads. There seem to be no shortage of options including the new Tiny Hawk from Emax. I'd prefer BNF as I have no desire to try to build them. We fly Frsky.

Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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I have been thinking of an 85mm babyhawk, but have been discouraged because i fly spektrum and need to solder a receiver on. Luckily for you, though, they have bnf babyhawks. They are like pre built gremlins.


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Newbeedrone Acrobees. Hands down some of the most fun, they're tiny, they come as "kits" that you put together yourself (which really only involves turning 4 screws and plugging some cables in LOL) and they're one of the few that will bind with FrSky or Spektrum DSMX (depending on which one you buy).

They've also got On-screen display (OSD), Betaflight programming, and come in at $89.99 for a kit. Right now (as of 8:30 am PST on 11/8/18) they're out of stock, but when I spoke to the guys at AMA Expo West on Saturday, they said they had a bunch of boards for FrSky in stock, they were just waiting on Gold motors to show up in the next week or two before they could start offering the $90 kits again.

Oh, and the other plus is that the Acrobee, TinyWhoop, and Inductrix are all very, VERY similar, so if you need new motors, props, or a frame, you can swap one out for another. That said, I'd recommend the Acrobee over the others because the main brain of the drone allows FrSky, it comes with FPV built in, and the boards offer the OSD, whereas the Inductrix may or may not (depending on which model you go with), and the TinyWhoops tend to be primarily DSMX/Spektrum.


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Yes the baby hawks are Gremlins minus the FT custom frames.

As for indoor flying I hope you mean gym or such larger buildings. Unless you live in a mansion they are a handful to tame for house flying.

That said I have worked out forgiving horizon mode settings that eliminates all the auto level lurching of tiny whoops and karger quads flying stock settings if / when you may need or want to try them.

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Fellas. Thanks for all the suggestions. The Acrobees sound interesting and do the baby hawks.